The Outlaw Golf is Club located on the eastern foothills of the Jordanelle, just minutes away from Soaring Hawk.

This 9 hole public Challenge Course offers a scenically unrivaled golf experience. The beautiful Jordanelle water and the stunning mountainsides that are constantly in sight as you drive from hole to hole will surely lift your mood even if your golf game that day doesn’t. The Outlaw Golf Club Challenge Course is one of several throughout the country leading the way into a new golf era, utilizing limited resources from its environment and requiring a minimal time commitment from the player.

Outlaw Golf Course

The holes range in length from 65 yards to 265 yards on the par 3’s and a 465 yard par 4. Players will get to hit a wide variety of clubs when they tee it up at the Outlaw. The holes can be divided into many different loops. Four, Six and Nine hole loops create interesting matches and games between players. Each hole has the tees arranged to vary the approach shot and strategy of the hole. The greens are extraordinary. The players will encounter ridges and swales running through the greens that will inspire creativity.

The fairways and roughs are blue grass with bent grass greens. The player will have to use course management to determine how they want to play the hole, encouraging ingenuity and demanding playing strategy depending on pin placement. The residential development uses the golf course lakes to handle the project’s storm water. Extra capacity was designed into the lakes so that the storm water can be stored and then dissipated back into that ground to recharge the aquifer.

Interested in playing a round? Have questions? Contact the professionals at the Outlaw Pro Shop at 435-901-4227 today.

The Outlaw Golf Course


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