Soaring Hawk Residents Take Full Advantage of Park City’s Nearby Offerings

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We like to think of Christiane Hartley and Ken Block as quintessential residents of Hideout, Utah. The youthful and energetic, senior couple brought their lust for life from Marblehead, Massachusetts to Park City in 2005. For several years, they resided in an estate-style home and then decided to downsize by purchasing a townhome at The Rustler, a neighborhood in Hideout Canyon. As Park City continued to grow, the couple discovered that Hideout offered solitude without sacrificing proximity to the year-round recreation and culture the world-class mountain resort town offers. And just as importantly, they fell head over heels with the views that are hard to rival anywhere in Park City. The snow-capped mountains of Deer Valley and Mount Timpanogos, coupled with the pristine water of the Jordanelle Reservoir, captivated them. As long-time sailing enthusiasts, they also appreciate being so close to the lake when Park City’s magical summers roll around. 

The latest issue of Hideout Platinum real estate magazine reveals how Christiane and Ken came to build their luxury custom home in the newer community. They were looking for more than a Park City real estate investment; it was the ultimate lifestyle they sought as primary residents. In essence, they missed the outdoor entertaining space and other features of having a single-family residence when living in their townhouse. However, Christiane and Ken desired a home size that would be more manageable than what they previously had in Park City. Click HERE to read about their stunning, modern home at Soaring Hawk and the story behind it. 

There are many attributes of Park City that make them tick. Ken from Brooklyn and Christiane from Montreal maintain engaged, active lifestyles in this mountain paradise. They will never be accused of not taking full advantage of everything Park City has to offer.  

What are your favorite local activities? 

Ken: The golf in this area is ridiculously good. Park City is an International Mountain Biking Association Gold Spoke community. The community service we provide through the Park City Sailing program….we are recreating at the same time we are giving back. In the winter, we are nine minutes to Deer Valley for skiing and trails for fat tire snow biking. I also do that during the winter with the National Ability Center. I ride during the winter with the same population I sail with during the summer. 

Christiane: We also have great dog parks and trails. 

What are your favorite events in Park City? 

Ken: The Deer Valley concerts. Savor the Summit – either participating or people watching. Sometimes I think the people-watching is even better.  The 4th of July parade, which we participate in and have won twice with Park City Sailing Club. 

Where do you like to dine?

Christiane: Tupelo is one of our top picks. Shoyu for sushi. Ganesh, the new Indian restaurant, is really good. We like 350 Main as well for their small plates. We don’t go out much because in the winter there are a lot of tourists, and in the summer we eat on our deck. We are members of Jeremy Ranch Golf and Country Club, and you finish playing golf and just eat there. 

Ken: Also Mariposa at Dear Valley Resort, which is seasonal. 

Can you describe some of the neighbors you have gotten to know? 

Christiane: When we were living at The Rustler, we had neighbors who moved there from Park City as well as from out of state. They were mostly like us – a little older, retired, some of them still working. A lot of them try to connect with the Park City community by getting involved with local non-profits, of which there are many. 

Contact us today to learn about how you can experience the joys of Soaring Hawk home ownership and its lifestyle that continually mesmerizes Christiane and Ken. 

Where do you like to shop?  

Ken: For food, we are all over the place. Convenience is Food Town in Kamas. For cheese and crack bread, The Market. 

What are your favorite local products?  

Christiane: Red Bicycle Bread, Beehive Cheese, All things High West Distillery, Creminelli meats, and Morgan Valley Lamb. 

Are there non-profits you are particularly fond of?  

Ken: Park City Sailing, and we respect many others.

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